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Wall Water Heater


Until your boiler breaks down, you may not bother to replace it, but did you know that if your boiler is over ten years old, it could be converting as little as 60% of the fuel it uses. 


This means it is not only providing less effective heating, but it also means you could be spending more money on your heating bills.



Heating and hot water accounts for over half of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.

Modern boilers are more efficient than older boilers for several reasons, but their main advantage is that they are ‘condensing’. A condensing boiler recovers more heat from the exhaust flue gas and uses it to heat the central heating water, making it more efficient than older boilers.

At HeatSave, we work to install reliable, efficient boilers resulting in better heat retention for your home. 


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